Cartoon Heroes

A radio show all about cartoon’s of the late 80s, 90s and early naughties. At Cartoon Heroes we love a good nostalgic […]

Stories and You (EP 1. Childhood Nostalgia)

This week we discussed stories, and how they impacted our childhoods! Through the lens of childhood nostalgia, we revisited music, books and fictional […]


G and T

Just two girls looking back at the good times. Your go-to show for everything nineties and naughties!


Nostalgia Club:

Here Chloe and Phoebe chat about their latest club: Nostalgia Club. Let me take you back to a simpler time, a time […]


Thursday: The Lizzie McGuire Reunion

Don and Producer Ash fangirl about the Lizzie McGuire reunion and fantasise about reunions they hope will happen.


Second Thoughts

Everything old is new again with Second Thoughts. This summer, Steven and Birrell look at their, and our, nostalgia. Casting a critical […]

Swinburne on Syn Nation with Emily Swain

What has that oddball Emily been listening to? Well listen to this to get an insight!


Episode One | March 2006

In this episode, we trekked back to 2006: Packed full of that ‘Naughties’ goodness with renditions from Nickelback, James Blunt and TV Rock […]