#E32016 – EA Games Conference (Thoughts, Impressions & Discussion)

We’re kicking off our special E3 coverage with our thoughts and impressions of EA’s press conference. We talk Titanfall 2, EA Sports, […]

Board Bytes Episode 2 – Ameritrash

Episode 2 of Board Bytes This podcast is an extended version of Board Bytes on Player One. This episode features American games, […]

Board Bytes Episode 1 – Euro Games

The full, unabridged version of Euro Games for Player One.  This episode focuses on European board games, which are known for their […]


Matt Hullum & Burnie Burns – Rooster Teeth at RTX Sydney

Earlier this year, Player One presenter and contributer, Scott Hudson, interviewed Rooster Teeth’s current and former CEOs Matt Hullum and Burnie Burns […]


Playlist 6th November

Here is the Player One playlist for the 6th of November: 1. Minor Circuit Theme – Super Smash Bros for 3DS 2. […]

SYN Podcasts on iTunes

We’ve started adding some SYN shows to iTunes and are adding more each week, click the links below to find a SYN […]


SYN in Review – Week of July 27 2015

    Online dating has gone through such a transformation in recent years that now dating someone who you’ve swiped right on […]


Greenlight Rumble: The Town of Light

It’s a working title guys, I promise…


Knights of the Gaming Table: 8th May

Maddy drops by during Player One to tell us a little bit more about tabletop gaming


Interview with Marc from Dragonforce – NEW NOISE 19/2/2015

Stefan caught up with Marc Hudson, vocalist of British power metal juggernauts Dragonforce. The band return to Australia for the 2015 Soundwave […]