The Study Break: June 11th

Lucy and Luke talk times when you’ve been put behind because of other people, ways people may cheat, awkward conversations and those things you […]


The Study Break: May 28th

Lucy and Luke talk times when you may have needed technology to fail you, how people can be low-key competitive at school […]


The Study Break: May 21st

Lucy and Luke talk about preparing for your first babysitting job, begin planning their study break excursion as well as are joined […]


The Study Break: May 7th

Lucy and Luke talk school boycotts, ways to spoil your Mum on Mothers Day without spending too much, avoiding teachers at school […]


The Study Break: April 30th

Join Lucy as she chats about whether to prioritise school subjects, how to avoid getting work done in the early hours of […]


The Study Break: April 23rd

Join Lucy and Luke as they discuss all the details they need to consider for their upcoming school formals, as well as […]


Tuesday, April 19th

Josh & Jamal judge criminal failures, eating at school, and why you now have less of an excuse not to get a […]


Monday, April 18th

Thomas & Zack survive a zombie apocalypse, chat movies, and analyse “This Is What the Truth Feels Like”


The Study Break: April 16th

Lucy and Luke kick off the season discussing how to let off steam when under the stress of studying, ways to earn […]


Starting the school day later

Have you ever wished you could start your school day later? Maybe swap that 8:30am class for 10:30am? New research from Oxford […]