Monday: G20 Summit

The G20 Summit kicked off this week inside Brisbane’s Ring of Steel ‘Retreat’, and Scott, Ash & Gracie have the full wrap, […]


Monday: The Scent of Celebrity

In part three of our series on auctioning things that have come into contact with celebrities, Scott Ash & Gracie enter famous […]


Interview: The Vanns

Scott Ash & Gracie from Monday’s Get Cereal caught up with Jimmy from Australian indie-rock band The Vanns. After releasing their latest […]


Interview: Punk Journey: St Kilda + Beyond

On Monday’s Get Cereal, Scott Ash & Gracie were joined in the studio by Melynda Von Wayward who spoke to us about […]


Monday: Hoverboards Coming Your Way!

On Monday’s Get Cereal, Gracie shared the exciting news with fellow co-hosts Ash & Scott, that the famous ‘Hoverboard’ (as seen in […]


Monday: Dog News!

On Monday’s Get Cereal, Scott treated Ash & Gracie with some much loved, and very entertaining Dog News! In this edition of […]


Monday: ‘Touched’ by a Celebrity

On Monday’s Get Cereal, Scott informed Ash & Gracie of the value certain items that have been ‘touched‘ by a celebrity have, […]


Monday: Boohbah

This week, Ash decided she never wants British Children’s Television Show ‘Boohbah‘ back again, on her regular segment ‘Things I Never, Ever, […]


Interview: Short & Girly w/ Adam Richard

Scott, Ash & Gracie were lucky enough to be joined on the phone by ‘the fabulous’ Adam Richard, who along with Australia’s […]


Interview: The Solicitors

Scott, Ash & Gracie from Monday’s Get Cereal were joined in the studio by Lee, the vocalist & guitarist of  melbourne-based rock […]