Interview: Jamie – Selahphonics

This morning Scott & Maddy chatted with the super fun Jamie from the Selahphonics about hearing your song on the radio, performing […]


IV: Grace McQuilton – Remote Controlled Terrorist Operation

Scott & Maddy chatted to Grace McQuilton, the curator of an interesting new exhibition called Remote Controlled Terrorist Operation.  The exhibition aims […]


Monday: The World Is Just Awesome – Elephants, Dancing, Dream Jobs

In Maddy’s regular segment on the show she shares with Scott this week’s good news stories to cheer us up from all […]


IV: Selina Jenkins and Beau Heartbreaker

Scott & Maddy met Selina Jenkins and her male alter-ego Beau Heartbreaker this morning to talk all things Melbourne Comedy Festival, America […]


Monday: Scott’s first novel ‘Tommy Tapir Who Had No Friends’ – a dramatic reading

Scott reads his debut novel – which he wrote as a five-year-old – to Maddy and Producer Ash. It tells the tale […]


IV: J’aimee Skippon – Byron Bay Film Festival

Scott & Maddy chatted to the director of the Byron Bay Film Festival J’aimee Skippon, which, currently in its 9th year, promises […]


Monday: The Mystery Podcast

Scott has given Producer Ash this file and he has encrypted it so she can’t listen to it, hence its a mystery.


IV: Arie – Love/City II: of Time and Country

Scott & Maddy chatted to the curator and prodcuer of Love/City II: of Time and Country, Arie, about the artist-run festival.  It is […]


Monday – #CerealSpill: The Debate

It seems both the media and public alike can’t get enough of the leadership saga between Scott & Maddy.  #CerealSpill has been […]


IV: Warren James – Harvest ‘n’ Graze Festival

Scott & Maddy spoke with organiser of the Harvest ‘n’ Graze festival, Warren James, about its first time in Melbourne and its […]