Episode #14 – Radio Awards – 21/02/2015 – Audio Wasteland

While Angela is away on business, Mona begins dating one of her biggest clients. She finds him thoroughly uninteresting and promptly dumps […]


Episode #13 – Be My Radio Valentine – 14/02/2015 – Audio Wasteland

Angela and Tony play matchmaker with two shy friends of theirs, who hit it off and agree to get married. The wedding is set […]


Episode #12 – Radio Starman – 07/02/2015 – Audio Wasteland

Single dad Tony Micelli and his street-smart young daughter Samantha decide to leave the mean streets of their poor neighbourhood in Brooklyn for a […]


Clyde Devon Now

The self-stylised Chosen One of community radio, Clyde Devon brings you mind-breaking news for a post-reality world with CLYDE DEVON NOW, broadcasting […]


Episode #10 – Film Radio – 14/12/2014 – Audio Wasteland

Dr. Hollywood has retired, and it’s Ross’ goal to get him back on the show by the end of the episode. In […]


Fantascope – Episode 11 Playlist

Playlist for Episode 11 of the Fantascope Variety Hour. Originally aired Friday 19th December Thanks to our dreamers Ed Gardiner & Matt […]


Episode #9 – Last Radio Show Ever (Not Really) – 07/12/2014 – Audio Wasteland

After quitting on air last week, Ross prepares to hand over the reins of the show to his adopted son, the middle-aged […]


Episode #8 – Radio-a-thon – 30/11/2014 – Audio Wasteland

Ross holds a radio-a-thon to try and save the show. He reads the Top 17 list on why the show should stay […]


Prime Minister – Dream Sequence

From Episode 9 of The Fantascope Variety Hour. Originally aired 9pm Friday 5th December. Thanks to our dreamers Ed Gardiner and Matt […]


Fantascope Episode 9 Playlist

Originally aired Friday December 5th, 2014 Thanks to our dreamers Ed Gardiner Matt Nielson and Kate Hulls