Break Room – 6/5/23

For The Soulful Raver. Bec was on air for an hour, for Break Room, re-exploring jungle, UKG, jazz, house, grime, DNB and […]


FILM REVIEW: Sound of Metal

It’s the sound of silence that makes not Simon and Garfunkel but Sound of Metal (2019) deafening in its impact. So very […]

Episode Four: Ondes Martenot

Episode Four: Ondes Martenot It looks like a keyboard, and according to many of our listeners, sounds like a group of electronic […]


Episode Two: Kalimba

Silver Thumb Piano or The Tines of Africa… Whatever you like to call them; come with us into Episode Two and explore the sparkly world […]


Episode One – Uilleann Pipes

  Episode One explores the various sound worlds of the Irish Uilleann Pipes.  Presented and Produced by Tamara Kohler Guest: Matthew Horsely  Music:  My […]


Jono Talks #8 – Ed Hirst

Ed Hirst is a sound producer involved with RMITV television. He also hosts The Hoist, an all Australian music show featuring exciting […]


Editing Pre-Recorded Audio

PDF Guide  A simple guide to audio editing programs, their different functions and how they can help you when editing your pre-recorded […]