Week 10: Playlist – Disney films! (except for one)

Songs from films which were a part of my childhood, and let’s be honest, my adulthood… and… now. Hope I’m not the […]


Week 8: Playlist – Bastille.

Since I was going to their concert the next night, it was only appropriate for me to play some of their tunes. […]


Week 7 Playlist: Covers.

Get covered up and let’s groove tonight in our snuggies! Oh come on… I know you own one… No? Just me? … […]


Week 6: Playlist – Girl Groups!

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.


Week 5 Playlist: Childhood boy bands!

Mmmbop everybodaaaaay, yeeeeeaaah. Rock your body to some childhood boy bands I used to listen to. The hardest thing was typing this description […]


Podcast 4 – The Alphabet of Random Shenanigans

In this week’s show; – Michelle still struggles to breathe. – Attempts to talk about things relating to the letter Q, the […]


Week 4 Playlist: Childhood pop bands!

So week four’s playlist was fun. If you missed out here’s the playlist if you want to have JUST A LITTLE bit […]


Podcast 3 – The Alphabet of Random Shenanigans.

In this week’s show Michelle attempts to: – learn how to breathe. –  read messages from the computer without her glasses. – […]