Season 01, Week 06 – Star Wars

Aired on the weekend of May the Fourth, there was really only one topic Erik Magister could do. Star Wars.   AIRED: […]


Season 01, Week 05 – Don’t Name The Doctor with Guest

Doing a radio show isn’t everything that Erik Magister does, in some of his spare time he helps maintains a Facebook page: […]


Season 01, Week 04 – Cosplaying with Guest

This was supposed to go to air the 19/04, the weekend of the Supernova Pop Culture Expo. Aired on Easter Weekend instead. […]


Season 01, Week 02 – Halo and Halo 2

The troubles you can encounter when you think you’ve prepared enough material, but you didn’t. Host Erik Magister talk about one of […]


Season 01, Week 01 – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

It’s the first show! … It’s not well done, but with practise, later shows will be better. Host Erik Magister shows how […]


The Love of a Nerd

We all have that one friend that is absolutely crazy about something. A show, a movie, a game. And you might just […]