Mental Health Awareness Week

Did you know it’s currently Mental Health Awareness Week in Australia? This week long initiative aims to raise awareness and provide support […]


Mental Illness in Sport

Max Stainkamph takes a look at how mental illness permeates itself through the high pressure world of sports. He talks to Tim […]


Youth mental health report

The report into the Mental Health of Children and Adolescents was released last Friday.  This report has highlighted various areas in the […]

Mental Matters 21/2/2015

Just in time for uni to start, Alan, Alain, Jess, Emmi, Maria and Maddy talk surviving and thriving in higher education.

Mental Matters 7/2/2015: Second Hour

In hour 2 of Mental Matters, Ebony, Til, Emmi and Maddy take to the mics with a focus on eating disorders. Trigger […]

Mental Matters 7/2/2015: First Hour

Welcome to Mental Matters! Alan, Selene, Lizzie and Laura chat abuot stigma, stereotypes, and misconceptions around mental illnesses and those who live […]

Mental Matters

We are Mental Matters, a group of young people dedicated to busting myths and breaking stigma around mental illness. Listen to us […]

Great Minds Don’t Think Alike show 13/12

Issa and Christian discuss what it’s like to be a double threat in the Neurodiversity world.


Week 1: Mental Health Week, mental health issues

With mental health week shining a spotlight on issues surrounding mental health, Victoria Votes reporter Michael Ryan gives a health reading on […]


42 – Dealing with a Crisis – 30/10/2014

Michael and Emily discuss dealing with stress, life events, mental health and environmental emergencies. Special guests Susie Hansen and Nicole Ashworth also […]