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Wrong Skin: New Podcast Set In The Kimberley, More Than Just True Crime


A new podcast is sending shockwaves right across the Kimberley from the average person to the big end of town. It talks about a relationship in the 1990’s banned under traditional law in Looma Community, in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, the couple went missing with one body being discovered 11 months later and the other still officially a missing person. The podcast delves into the power struggle in the Kimberley Region and walls of silence that emerge after tragedy.

The Age investigative journalist, Richard Baker, one of the journalists behind the Phoebe’s Fall podcast, has just released the first episode in a new true crime series called ‘Wrong Skin’.

Dylan Storer spoke with Walkley Award-winning journalist Richard Baker about his time in the Kimberley and the podcast.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People Are Advised That The Following Content Contains The Names Of People Who Have Died.

You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or listen here: https://www.theage.com.au/wrong-skin

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