Zervos Determined Not To Give Up

 Cassie Zervos may not be the first name you think of when you hear the Australian Olympic team. Although what most people wouldn’t know is that this young talented girl had actually been a part of the Australian team for the last London Olympics. Yet sadly, her addition to the team was brief.  Cassie has been training for 14 years for her chosen and much loved sport Taekwondo. As soon as her dreams of representing our country in the Olympics had finally become a reality, they were trampled on by sporting politics. The Australian team had sadly little funding for a sport such as Taekwondo and focussed on more nationwide popular sports such as swimming. As a result, this left Cassie back home unable to take part in the London Olympics. Shattered from the news Cassie has not given up and has continued to train hard in a bid to qualify for the next Olympics in Rio.  This is despite the way Australian sport turned their backs on her. The sport may not be as widely followed as swimming, weight lifting and gymnastics although does that make it less important than the rest? Of course not. We being such a diverse nation should embrace all sports equally. Another disappointment to add to the story is that the events we did decide to focus our funds on we had severely under performed in. Maybe it is time to focus the money on the talent and not the sport in our next Olympic bid.  Yet Cassie, who trains minimum 5 times a week, is juggling her sporting commitments with a Journalist degree at Swinburne Technologies. After Speaking to her I discovered that she has moved on from the disappointments and she is now on the road to achieve her dreams. Hopefully for her and for Australian sport in general we can supply sufficient funds to the lesser followed sports in order to build on the popularity and the performances on the national scale next time round.  Peter Tseros


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