An update from Street Rag Radio HQ


Things have been flat out at Street Rag Radio HQ.

For the past few months we have been putting together the idea of running a hub trip to Melbourne to visit some o the bigger stations and do workshops with some of the amazing people that helped all the hub leaders find their feet within the project.

Naturally the big question on everyone’s lips was how on earth do we fund it. So in one of our hub meetings I gave some options. We could look for grants, pay our own way or try fund-raising. We need a minimum of $3,000 however $5,000 will get us all there, feed us, pay for accommodation and transport costs to visit some of the bigger stations. It was decided that we where going to have a go at fund-raising our way to Melbourne. Things kicked off with a private donation of $300 (so only $4,700 to go!). Two members Chloe and Perri wrote out a event proposal to raise some cash by holding a silent auction and live gig on parliament lawns. Edge & SYN both approved the proposal, the police approved the proposal however unfortunately Parliament Lawns did not (much sad, lots annoyed). So we went back to the drawing board. We already had things to auction off, so we decided on a raffle.

During all of this we also had a member have to pull out from the hub due to personal reasons (Josh promises to come visit us) and I went to conference. Up at conference I had a chance to catch up with Zoe from TYGA fm, a small community station in New Norfolk, Tasmania. We got to talking and decided we would have a crack at setting up a youth hub at TYGA!

December 1st Josie came down, we went out to TYGA to visit the station talk about the Street Rag hub and let some of our hub members talk about their experiences within the hub. Sam, Perri, Imogen, Josie, myself & Alastair (the Edge Radio Programs Director), put heaps of options and ideas on the table for the TYGA youth hub and I can’t wait to see what comes out of it.

I’m sure there is things I have missed but there is just so much going on for us! Keep your eyes peeled for big things ahead with Street Rag Radio and youth hubs in Tasmania!


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