Back to SYN Line Up

9:00am: Toasted with Ewan Giles (Triple M), Carlie Bonavia (FOX FM) and Matt Thompson (SEN/
The first program to air on SYN in 2003 and the stations original Breakfast show from 2003-04 returns to kick off the “Back to SYN” Weekend.
11:00am: Panorama with Emma Buckley Lennox (Triple R) & a host of ex-Panorama reporters
SYN’s Current Affairs program celebrates 10 years of SYN with many of its former reporters – many of them who now work for metro newsapers, radio and TV Stations reflect on the show , their stories and what SYN did for them. 
1:00pm: idolthreat with Travis Butler (SYN Stalwart), Luke Lum (Power FM Bega), Josh Olek (SYN & SEN) and Tyla Bertolli (X Factor)
One of SYN’s most popular podcasts devoted to the X-Factor returns for the “Back to SYN” Weekend.
2:00pm: Dragon and Rowdy with Andrew Russell and Natalie Harris 
The hosts of the hit C31/SYN TV Series “Postcodes” return to the SYN airwaves for another hour of memories, fun and good times.
3:00pm: The Wind Up with Conor Ayres (ABC 3), Ben Lewis (Network 10) and Vaya Pashos (TV freelancer)
SYN’s daily drive program from 2005-06 returns as former SYN and Wind Up presenters get to relive their youthful broadcasting days.
5:00pm: Kicking Behinds with Dylan Leach (Triple M) & Tim Brown (SYN) & More
SYN’s popular AFL Program which aired from 2005-07 returns for Back to SYN with all your favourite old segments and a few classic clips from back in the day.  What better way to celebrate 10 years of SYN by putting a football program on the air in January!
7:00pm: The Sunday Sessions with Ken McLean, Ally Murphy and Newman
SYN’s program devoted to Live Music around Melbourne which aired from 2005 – 2008 returns with a collection of some of the best live recordings from the time the show was on SYN.
8:00pm: The Naughty Rude Show with Anthony McCormack (Film reviewer/31 questions C31)
A SYN institution since 2003, the Naughty Rude Show has discussed all things sex, health and relationships and more. Anthony McCormack – host of the award winning Naughty Rude TV Show from 2009 returns to host and along with his panel and will answer all of your questions!
10:00pm: Hyperstation with Andrew Crook ( & Matt Joyce
What would a Student Youth Network be without a show that discussed  things like student politics and played Indie music? Hyperstation was that program! Andrew and Matt are Back on air for the first time since 2004.
11:00pm: Works In Theory with Josh and Josh
The Punk and Metal night favourite “Works in Theory” returns. Josh and Josh talk about the good times and the great music they played. For old times sake.
12:00pm: Off the Beaten Track with Matt Stewart & Friends
What would late night radio be without something random? Off the Beaten track looks after  all of it! A great way to finish the first day of the “Back to SYN” weekend.

8:00am: Get Cereal
SYN’s flagship Breakfast Show since 2007, the Get Cereal All-stars team brings you a selection of some of the shows favourite presenters from recent years are back to kick off day two of “Back to SYN”
10:00am: Squintz Mix with Squinty (Coast FM – Mandura Western Australia)
Direct from WA, Squinty returns to SYN for Squintz Mix!
11:00am: 80s Rockarama with Eloise Gleeson
What weekend devoted to nostalgia would be complete without a show devoted to retro 80’s music? That’s why we’ve brought back 80’s Rockarama and Eloise to complement the “Back to SYN” weekend!
12:00pm: SPECIAL EVENT – SYN TURNS 10 with Tamzin Byrne
At Midday January 28th 2003, 90.7 SYN FM went to air full time. Former SYN Panorama reporter Tamzin Byrne along with a host of SYN general managers from the past 10 years spend an hour reflecting on the first 10 years of SYN and what the future holds for SYN Media in the ever changing media landscape.
1:00pm: Bad Wolf with Stephanie and friends
The SYN Award winning show devoted to all things Dr.Who is back for an hour of nerdy fun!
2:00pm: The Jack White Interview with Sam Drummond (3AW) and Jesse Drummond
For one SYN programming grid in 2010 brothers Sam and Jesse Drummond set out on a mission to interview one man, and one man only – White Stripes now solo singer Jack White. For weeks they talked about how they would interview him, kept listeners informed about what Jack was up to and by the final episode – they got their man and the Jack White Interview happened. Sam and Jesse return for the “Back to SYN” Weekend but Will Jack White join them?
3:00pm: Balls to the Wall with Cameron Kos and Doug Bear
Popular Heavy/Alternative rock show from 2005-06 returns for one more show and one more hour!
4:00pm: The Hoist – Best Australian Music of the past 10 years
Originally known as “The Razz” SYN’s All-Australian music program The Hoist – with the help of many of its current and former presenters – takes part in the “Back to SYN” weekend celebrating the best Australian Music to air on SYN since 2003!
6:00pm: Sweetest 16 of all time
What better way to finish the “Back to SYN” weekend by celebrating some of the best music from the past 10 years? We’ve gone through the Sweet 16 lists to bring you the Sweetest 16 of all time. Join a host of former SYN music directors as they finish of “Back to SYN” in style.

January 24th 2013
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