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Office Hours: 9am – 5pm

SYN’s Address

Media Collective
RMIT University City Campus
Building 12, Level 3, Room 97
402 Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 1800 SYN 907 (1800 796 907)

Mailing Address

SYN Media moved offices in late 2018.
Send mail: P.O. Box 12013, A’Beckett Street, Melbourne 8006

Volunteering @ SYN

If your inquiry relates to volunteering for SYN please go to our Get Involved page FIRST.

Person: Alicia Lehmann
Email: community[at]
Phone: 03 9034 1960 (option 1)

Educational Programs

If your enquiry relates to making a booking for a school or community group please head to our Learn page FIRST.

Person: Ruby Edward-Smith
Email: training[at]
Phone: 03 9034 1960 (option 2)

CSAs, Sponsorship & Giveaways

If your enquiry relates to arranging on on-air or online CSA, sponsorship campaign or giveaway for your organisation or event, please head to our Promotions page FIRST.

Person: Erin Dick
Email: content[at]

Getting your music on SYN:

Please note: Our Music Managers are volunteers, so please allow ample time for response.

All music submissions for radio airplay can be sent to our Music Managers: Alice Carlton and Karvesh Pillai, music[at]

All music submissions for 1700 / TV can be sent to our 1700 Music Manager: Emily-Layne Kapetanovic,[at]

PR, get interviewed on SYN:

Please note: Our Talks Managers are volunteers, so please allow ample time for response.

All music media releases and artist information can be sent to Music Talks: Marli Dean, music.talks[at]

Arts, entertainment, culture, sport and lifestyle media releases or information can be sent to Specialist Talks: Millie Spencer, specialist.talks[at]

All news and current affairs items can be sent to our Panorama Executive Producers: Emile Pavlic and Angus Thomson, panorama[at]

Can’t find who you’re looking for? Click here for our staff list

Looking for a specific program producer or member of our volunteer Leadership Team not listed here? Click here for the full list

PLEASE NOTE, playlist information:

SYN does not have the capacity to provide accurate playlist information. 

To keep up with our Sweet 16 High Rotation Playlist, subscribe to our weekly music newsletter.

To find the playlist for a specific program, view the program’s show page via the schedule, follow the program’s social media or email the specific program Executive Producer.