Digital future for young people assured

SYN Media is among 37 community broadcasters across Australia who have today had their digital radio future confirmed following an announcement by the Federal Government this morning.


The Federal Government have addressed a shortfall in funding for community digital radio with a commitment of $6 million over three years following an intense campaign which saw support from over 43,000 people for community radio.


SYN General Manager Tahlia Azaria has welcomed the news as a win for young people and community broadcasting.


“We couldn’t be happier about this announcement. We have some really big, ambitious plans for digital radio in the pipelines and can now finally get the ball rolling with an assurance that we will have access to digital radio services going forward,” Azaria said.

“For us, digital radio means more broadcast time for young people to share their stories and opinions, and while our analogue signal focuses mainly on Melbourne, our digital channel will give us the opportunity to expand to places where young people are not being heard.”


For media enquiries contact General Manager Tahlia Azaria at [email protected].

May 15th 2013
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