Elena Anaya Full Interview


Here’s the full length interview Maria did with Spanish Actress Elena Anaya about her new movie They Are All Dead out between the 22nd of April to the 10th of May playing at the Palace Cinema Como, Palace Westgarth and the Kino Cinema.

This is just the full length interview that wasn’t played on-air because it was too long, have a listen and enjoy this wonderful chat Maria had with talented Spanish Actress Elena Anaya about making the movie, working with a talented buch of cast and crew on They Are All Dead and the length of time Director/Writer Beatriz Sanchis spent perfecting the script as well as how the movie can be relatable to everyday life.

For more information on the Movie They Are All Dead just go to www.spanishfilmfestival.com 

Hope you enjoy the full length interview as well as the shorten one.


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Elena Anaya


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