Episode 4 – Psuedo sciences

This week Kath takes the reins solo and discussed ghost hunters, spectors, conspiracies nuts and other mysterious, somewhat entertaining subcultures all off her own back.In a special half-hour episode (and even slimmer podcast) you will learn about the most haunted places in Australia, what on Earth ‘white noise’ noise is, and some intense, home-grown pseudo science conspiracies! Listen in for another bodacious installment of Subworld!


Week 9 – Our Grand Finale!

Our very LAST episode has come, seen and conquered, and is now available to listen at your leisure! Kath and Lachlan recap some […]

Week 8 – Melbourne Subcultures

Our dynamic duo Kath and Lachlan are back for another week on SYN, this time having a great old dissection of all […]

Episode 6 – Racing subcultures!

Kathleen takes on another solo episode of Subworld – this time on anything and everything racing! Subworld explores autocross, bosozoku bikers, sidecar racing, […]