Episode IV: ‘A New Dope’


‘Oh boi, we’re on here!’ Zach And Will fire on all cylinders this week as they continue the noble quest for lost banter. 

On this week’s podcast the boys talk Genesis, Mac DeMarco, the ‘reality’ of Australian TV, and more!

Album of the week: Selling England By The Pound, Genesis. 
Quote of the week: ‘‘Restaurant Revolution has proven to be about as popular as a pork chop in Jerusalem’. 

Plus, the boys are back with their three favourite games: 

True Lies: A game of deception and deceit, Zach and Will share unusual stories about their past; some are true, some are fable, and it is their task to respectively decide which is which. 
Face Off: A character karaoke where Zach and Will impersonate some of their favourite film personas. This week they’re trying their hand at the characters of Disney’s 90’s renaissance. 
Guilty Pleasures: Zach and Will share some of the music that hold a sentimental value to them. While they continue to bicker about what a ‘guilty pleasure’ track actually means, you get a taste of some of the best (or wackest) tunes around.  

Tune in this Friday, 4-6pm for more fun, laughs and good times. 

Originally broadcast live on SYN Nation, 7 AUG 2015. 


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