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Colouring the Void – Episode One

The beginning of something new. Thank you for being here.

Featuring new releases from Dean Blunt (TRIDENT), criminally ignored pieces from superstars (Miley Tibetan Bowlzzz), and local reinterpretations of classic film soundtracks (Head Flip).

Including our first Nature Sounds segment: Bird Noises. An insightful discussion between two peacocks. A delightful example of why eavesdropping is a good idea.

Return at 10pm next Monday night for another heaping dose of peculiar and unusual content.


  1. Welcome to the Modern World - Ken Davis
  2. Summer Night - ESPRIT
  3. Omega Generation - James Ferraro
  4. Rimarimba - From 6 to 13
  5. Bird Sounds -
  6. Miley Tibetan Bowlzzz - Miley Cyrus and her Dead Pets
  7. Drifter - Anthony Naples
  8. Days That Got Away (Matthew Dear Remix) - MGMT
  9. Head Flip - Sleep D
  10. Fever Walk - Carla del Forno
  11. Clapping Music - Steve Reich
  12. Love is Forever - Sandy Bull
  13. Original Dub - King Tubby
  14. Harmonika - Kraftwerk
  15. Revolution - Spacemen 3

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