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Frisco 04 | Jazz, boogie funk, synth and Italo disco (28/07/2020)

frisco 04- disco funk jazz

This week’s episode of Frisco brings you a dynamic line up of modern UK jazz, Arabic disco, synth and Italo disco.

Our feature album/EP for the week is: Nourdine Staïfi – Aye Leli Lelou / Goultili Bye Bye – [VER124] released on Versatile Records.

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  1. Strings of Light - Yussef Kamaal
  2. Lee Harvey Oswald (Zaza dance mix) - Takenoko
  3. Distant Lover - Terry Mackson
  4. Germaine - Serge Delisle
  5. Aye Leli Lelou - Nordine Staifi
  6. Ait Meslayene - El Fen (Sibu and Joe Nagall edit)
  7. Moca Tape Boogie - DJ Shikisai
  8. Marine - Black Pomade
  9. Hajja - iZem
  10. Goultili Bye Bye - Nordine Staifi
  11. Public Solitude - Alek Lee

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