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Frisco 05 | Feel-good disco music for lock down (04/08/2020)

frisco 05 - disco - lock down

Melbourne is facing another lock down so this week on Frisco, we’ve selected disco music that guarantees good vibes and even dancing feet.

Stay home. Stay safe. Listen to good music.

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  1. Fei Fei - Midnight Runners
  2. Loved By You - AGF (Tech Support remix)
  3. Santa Catarina - Lazywax
  4. Groovin' - Flamingosis ft. Yung Bae
  5. In The Evening - Sheryl Lee Ralph (Secret Sun edit)
  6. Money, Women, and Love - Gnonnas Pedro (El Bacalao edit)
  7. Doctor Feel Good - Duke Ndlovuto (Hot Taties for the NHS edit)
  8. In Der Innenstadt - RFX
  9. Au Paradis - Hotaru edit
  10. A Kumma Ki Yidi - Good Block edit
  11. Long Night Dreams - Midnight Runners

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