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Frisco 08 | Daft Punk vs Aussie Funk (01/09/2020)

frisco 09

Is it September already?!

This week on Frisco we bring you an exciting selection of jazz music, filled with funky bass lines, Afro grooves, and soulful lyrics.

There are lots of Australian musicians in the lineup this week, including The Traffic, Mildlife, Karate Boogaloo, Cookin’ on 3 Burners and Surprise Chef. 

Our feature EP this week is Harder Better Faster Stronger/Chasin’ Feels by The Traffic. You can show some support for the Aussie funk band on Bandcamp.

Listen back to the show on Soundcloud!



  1. Chasin' Feels (Instrumental) - The Traffic
  2. Vapour - Mildlife
  3. Dance Dance - Djar One
  4. Oye Como Va - Djar One
  5. African Rhythms - Oneness of Juju
  6. Mama, You Can Bet! - Jyoti
  7. Slappy - Karate Boogaloo
  8. New Ferrari - Surprise Chef
  9. Tell Me to Dance - DJ Morris & FYI Chris
  10. Warning Ft. Kaiit - Cookin' on 3 Burners
  11. Chasin’ Feels - The Traffic
  12. Harder Better Faster Stronger - The Traffic
  13. Arabian Food - Modulaire
  14. I’m In Love - Social Lovers

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