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Frisco 10 | Now, that’s groovy (15/09/2020)

frisco - thriller

This week’s show took us back to the club, on a funky ride with a Thriller twist.

Playlist below, and tunes on Soundcloud.

Get into the groove!



  1. Pacific Break (Reverso 68 club mix) - The Beat Broker
  2. Purple Haze (edit) - Soichi Terada
  3. Untitled - Sindy Smith
  4. It’s You (New York - London mix) - Mr & Mrs Dale
  5. Walking In the Night (Flemming Dalum remix) - Giusy Dej
  6. When There’s No Love - Ourra
  7. Desperado Dining - Len Leise
  8. Gastro Funk - I: Cube
  9. The Way of the Gospels - Hugh Mane
  10. Your Sunshine - Hidden Groove
  11. You Turn Me On (JKriv rework) - William and the Young Five
  12. Thriller (Don’t Make Me Wait) - Angel S

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