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Get Cereal Playlist – 29/04/15

1. Going Swimming – Your Sister (Aus sweet 16)

2. Darling James- Ultimatum Talk

3. Mavis Staples – Your Good Fortune (Int Sweet 16- Last week)

4. Shamanic- My Sweet Nirvana

5. The Goldhearts – On The Run (Aus Sweet 16- Last week)

6. Soft Picasso- Wrong Type Of Night

7. METZ- Spit You Out (METZ II- Int Feature Album)

8. Ainslie Wills – Stop pulling the string

9. Boss Moxi- Ask Me To Dance

10. Elliot Moss – Best Light (Int Sweet 16)

11. Anna O sleepless

12. Cln – Hold Me  (Aus Sweet 16)

13. Gossling – price of fame

14. The Raydios – Brand New Kid (Int Sweet 16)

15. Cosmic Psychos- Better Not Bitter

16. Eliza Hull – Walk Away (Aus Sweet 16- Last week)

17. Red City Radio- Two Out Of Three Aint Bad

18. Marlon Williams- Silent Passage (Marlon Williams- Aus Feature Album)

19. Way Of The Eagle- Sweet Addiction FT Bobby Saint

20. The Kite String Tangle & Dustin Tebbutt – Illuminate  (Aus Sweet 16)

21. Outfit – New Air (Int Sweet 16)

22. Mumford and Sons- The Wolf

23. Morgan Bain – Why Don’t You Stay  (Aus Sweet 16)

24. Ainslie Wills – Hawaii (Aus Sweet 16)

25. Bill Jackson- Try

26. Saint & UNiiQU3 – Yo (I’m Lit) (Int Sweet 16)

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