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The Glam Gizmo – Reviews, Episode 5 and Wave One Roundup


The Glam Gizmo debuted in the SYN Podcast realm in March this year and it has since been inundated with positive response.

“The Glam Gizmo takes off like a rocket. A sci-fi comedy horror filled with all the best ‘Scooby Doo’ style plot points and effects to keep us guessing and laughing at the same time – 4.5 stars.” – 

“The Glam Gizmo cheerfully leans into the eccentric and bizarre, even while blood is spilled loudly and with gusto.” – Bello Collective


A big thank you to everybody who has listened along and given their positive reviews.

With more time than ever to be divulging in the world of podcasts, Episode 5 of The Glam Gizmo is now live on all your favourite streaming services!


Episode Five – Missing Piece

Young Australian writer Christina Lockwood is sought after by the elusive Genesis Serenity who sends her on a mission to find the hidden pieces of a device known as the Keppell Machine…


Christina Lockwood (Monique Warren), Quentin (Tasso Doherty), Oscar (David Hennessy), Lucy Thomson (AJ Winters), Genesis Serenity (Michael Langan), Violet (Chloe Towan), Yodalin Smythe (Anna Faye), Professor Paradox (Tom Denham), Jaspe Sandeers (Adam Lofthouse), Linda (Lara Bianca Pilcher), Father (Sam Hargreaves), Mother (Claire Pearson)


With Season One | Wave Two now commencing, why not check out the previous stories that make up the wacky and eccentric Glam Gizmo so far!


Episode One – The Strings That Pull

As Max paves his way through monotony, dishes and bills, he is confronted by a Boltizor, a horrific man with characteristics of a snake, who is harvesting human skin and organs for his malevolent master plan. After meeting Lucy, they band together to put an end to the unearthly occurrences with a few bizarre predicaments they face along the way.


Max (Clint Facey), Lucy (AJ Winters), Mrs. Clancy (Amanda Buckley), Quentin (Tasso Doherty), Boltizor (Anthony Bradshaw), Bomble / The Soup of the Day (Michael Langan), News Reporter (Tom Parry), Scientist (Marcie Di Bartolomeo) and Oliver Keppell (Stefan Bradley)

Other Roles Played By Members Of The Cast



Episode Two – The Soul Collector

Max and Lucy’s long evening takes them to a haunted house on a hill in Fitzroy, where a young woman named Violet is guarding a secret.


Max (Clint Facey), Lucy (AJ Winters), Violet (Chloe Towan), Croaky (Jack Moon), Mysterious Man (Michael Langan)

Other Roles Played By Members Of The Cast


Episode Three – The Thick Of It

Yodalin’s life is turned upside when she’s offered the job of a lifetime, but as she soon finds out, the consequences may be more severe than she realised.


Yodalin (Anna Faye), Daniel (John Rankin Molden), Casper (Luke Peverelle), Mrs. Ellis (Grace Du Prie), Bianca (Leah Addison), Waiter (Alex Gilbert)

Other Roles Played By Members Of The Cast


Episode Four – The Embers That Shine So Bright

Melbourne spirals into a deep fatigue as a light as bright as the sun keeps the city in eternal daytime and it’s up to Lucy, Violet and Casper to save the day.


Lucy (AJ Winters), Violet (Chloe Towan), Casper (Luke Peverelle), Yodalin (Anna Faye, Radio Presenter (Tom Parry), Mysterious Man (Michael Langan)

Other Roles Played By Members Of The Cast


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