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How To Be a Good Wanker, Sanitised Social Media & Summer Bods – 9 December 2018

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Ceitidh, Danny and Peta here to spice up another week for you on The Naughty Rude Show!

Danny ponders the pressure to be summer bod ready this time of year.

Ceitidh wonders if the world’s gone mad or whether we – whoever we is – need to santise our social media consumption.

Peta asks what it means to be a good wanker… in that way 😉

Plus, SYNer Lisa joins us before her reality TV debut on Blind Date is aired to Australia!

Naughty Rude airs live every Sunday on SYN Nation via DAB+ radio or Visit our Tumblr page to get involved!

December 9th 2018
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