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The Great Metal Standoff – Dirt vs Ten vs Nevermind

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Throughout the entire month of August, The Great Metal Standoff will be pitting as many albums from the early 90’s ‘Grunge era’. And there is no bigger way to kick off a ‘Grunge Month’ than this.

In our first ever three way album battle, the three pillar releases of the era that helped define a generation of rockers. The dark, twisted purgatory sound of Alice In Chains – Dirt. The soaring passion of Pearl Jam – Ten. And the flailing, unruly, angst driven Nirvana – Nevermind, tug on the heart strings of the Moshpit team in an attempt to be named the favourite among them. This was the most exciting, yet nerve-wracking podcast, we’ve ever done! They are all so great! Will we even be satisfied by the conclusion?

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Jason Evans, Imran Abbas, Salomae Haselgrove, Jacob Scanlan

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