Happyness and other feelings



Since his debut EP in 2012, Sydney based producer Tim Derricourt has been writing and releasing music from his bedroom. His latest single, ‘Happyness’, is an atmospheric and upbeat track you can float along to. 


‘Happyness’ could either be your soundtrack for driving down the highway to late at night, or ambience while you work away at a project. Although distant from Swimwear’s earlier sound, the lo-fi roots are still at play. The voiceover at the beginning of the song is also reminiscent of a film soundtrack. 


Swimwear’s writing style is simple and poetic. He creates great flow in each of his releases. Upon a closer listen to ‘Happyness’ a deeper meaning surfaces with the presence of deep thought. Happiness can mean a multitude of things, and can display itself in many ways. ‘Happyness’ doesn’t feel like a song about feeling happy, rather just feeling in general, and how it feels to exist as a human being.


‘Happyness’ is that song that you can listen to actively or passively, either way bringing a different experience. On a passive level, you can take in the atmospheric sound as it transcends you to a few moments of peace. As an active listener, you’ll find yourself connecting to the poetic ways Tim describes happiness and feeling the emotions that come with being a human.


Written by Lauren Bisignano