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The Hoist Hot Hits Vol.31

HHH Vol.31

The Hoist is serving you up a tremendous playlist of local tracks! Tune in this week to hear Hoist Hot Hits Vol.31, a selection of our favourite new releases.

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McDermott & North – Ally

Syrup – Catch Your Flow

Loose Bricks – Diamonds

Jess Locke – Halo

Laces, Ninajirachi – Prosperity

Liyah Knight, Nerve – Cheers

Lucy Sugerman – Colour Blind

Mere Women – Romantic Notions

Michael Beach – You Found Me Out

Sarah Mary Chadwick – Me and Ennui Are Friends Baby

Royalty Noise, Tumi the Be – Holla

Ryan Downey – Heart is An Onion

Genesis Owusu – The Other Black Dog

Izy – Frantic

Dominic Breen – James Street Tonight

The Sunday Estate – Pray for Rain

Hai Priestess – Turn Up the Heat

Connor Brooker – Miss You

Polish Club – Stop for a Minute

smol fish – Sad Girl Summer

Ghost Care – Kevin Garnett

Wharves – Everything I’m Waiting On

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