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The Hoist is back with a juicy new playlist of local tracks! Tune in this week to hear Hoist Hot Hits Vol.32, a selection of our favourite new releases.

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Timi Temple – Yuck My Yum

Tyne-James Organ – Sunday Suit

Offshore Projects – The Way I Fear

MLBRN – Proper

These New South Wales – Remote Control

Slomo – Fit Right

Thunder Fox – Sunday

Moody Beach – Why Not

Palms – Calling

Skeleten – Walking On Your Name

Lachlan Edwards – Little Too Late

Tulliah- Take It Off Now

Beddy Rays – Wait a Whille

Taka Perry, Stevan – Twenty

Merpire – Dinosaur

Laces, Darcy Baylis – Drop My Cell

RINSE, Hatchie – Back Into Your Arms

Pist Idiots – Juliette

imbi, Slim Set – Heatsink

Ali Barter – You Get in My Way

Shannen James – Superstitious

Taj Ralph – Driftin’

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