INFH is this week’s Featured Seasonal!


Introducing our featured seasonal program for this week: I’m Not From Herewith Josh Martin. Josh recently moved to Melbourne from Western Australia and each week he experiences something different that Melbourne has to offer, speaks about the new challenges he has to face, and whinges about how cold it is in Victoria. You can catch the show Thursdays on SYN Nation from 10pm but to tide you over until then, here’s a bit more about Josh:

1. How long have you been at SYN? What other shows have you done?
I’ve only been at SYN for a couple of months. I’m definitely still a new kid here! When I was in WA though I was involved with a few shows at Radio Fremantle over there, one of which was The Kitchen which is a SYN Nation hub show. So I’ve sort of been on the fringes of SYN for a little while.

2. What do you do outside of radio?
Not heaps at the moment! I’m starting a new job soon, but for now my focus is fully on SYN. It’s a pretty sweet life at the moment!

3. What has been your favourite thing about living in Melbourne so far?
That’s so hard! I arrived here when the Melbourne International Comedy Festival was just about to begin, so as a bit of a comedy nerd, that was awesome to experience. Also, the idea that you can go to more than one AFL game a weekend here???? That’s wild. We only have the Eagles or Freo back home, so the idea that you can get to multiple footy games IN A DAY if you wanted to is wicked.

4. What do you miss about Western Australia?
Oh man, so much. Obviously family and friends, but I’m also missing my old job heaps, and my car! It’s way too scary to drive here. What’s a hook turn? I also think I’m going to be missing the sun in the next couple of months.

5. What emoji best describes you?
I’d really like to believe it’d be *smooth guy* *sunnies* *flame* *100*  repeating over and over, but in reality it’s probably just a giant *nerd*

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