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The Great Metal Standoff – Iron Maiden vs Judas Priest

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For the first podcast of 2022, key pillars of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement go head-to-head. Iron Maiden – Piece Of Mind vs Judas Priest – Screaming For Vengeance. Released within a year of each other, both albums took each band’s next step in conquering the music world, where both Piece Of Mind and Screaming For Vengeance saw an ever increasing presence in US airplay.
Moshpit On SYN 2021 producer Ben Holt making his forth appearance on the ‘Standoff, presented this battle to Jason & Imran, and from the moment it was set and ready, all three knew that this would be a tightly contested one.

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Outro Music: XTaKeRuX – Demonized

EDITOR’S NOTE: During the discussion of Tool’s Fear Inoculum vinyl edition, the price has been censored due to rules surrounding community broadcasting laws, Jason’s comments were simply a bad cover-up.


Jason Evans, Imran Abbas

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