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So you’ve submitted an application, you’ve received a call back and they want you to come in for an interview? Good one!

This is your opportunity to put a human face to your application and really make it shine (or ruin all your chances of getting the job, but preferably not).





What should I wear?

Dress professionally. This doesn’t mean you necessarily need to wear a suit and tie (unless it’s a corporate job in which case maybe you should), but you need to be neat and tidy. Even if it’s a casual workplace without a dress code, dress up for the interview. Best case scenario is that you’ll overdress and it will be a fun inside joke you and your colleagues can share after you get the job: “Ha ha Susan remember what you wore to your interview ha ha good times”. Worst case scenario: you lose a great opportunity to someone with the same skills in a collared shirt, when you wore a t-shirt.

How should I prepare?

Reread the job description and make sure you know what the job is and what your responsibilities would be if you were successful. Research the organisation: what do they do, how long have they been around, what are their values, what’s in their strategic plan? Anticipate what questions you may be asked and prepare answers and examples.

Sample questions:

    • Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.
    • Tell me about a time you made a mistake.
    • What is your dream job?
    • Tell me how you handled a difficult situation.
    • Give a time when you went above and beyond the requirements for a project.
    • Tell us how you would handle XYZ situation?
    • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?
    • Why are you interested in working for [insert company name here]?
    • What are your weaknesses?
    • What are your strengths?

Watch this video for some hot tips for your next interview:

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