JOB BLOG // Key Selection Criteria

If you’re applying for jobs, eventually you’ll be asked to respond to Key Selection Criteria (KSC). Key Selection Criteria are literally just that: a list of qualities that employers want their new employee (that’s you) to possess. Employers will use these criteria to judge you against everyone else who’s applied for the position.

This is an opportunity for you to go into more detail about the experience you listed in your CV and why this experience makes you capable of the job you’re applying for. Every set of KSC will be different depending on the position and organisation, but there are some which you can reasonably expect to see a certain version of regardless of the position.

Volunteering at SYN provides you with a unique opportunity to equip yourself with a lot of transferable and sought after skills. If you feel like you’re lacking skills in a particular area, it’s highly likely you’ll be able to skill up somewhere at SYN.



See below for real Key Selection Criteria and examples of experiences and skills you could equip yourself with at SYN in order to respond to them:



















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