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Linkedin: it’s like Facebook but for ‘professionals’, right?

But how important is it really?


It’s hard to really quantify the importance of LinkedIn because the nature of the media industry means that you might end up finding a job through non-traditional means (knowing the right people, being in the right place at the right time etc).

But with that being said, if you’re applying for jobs and a future employer Googles “John Smith + Linkedin” and your last employment was six months at Hungry Jacks when you were 14, you probably won’t leave that much of an impression.

Keeping an up-to-date and somewhat legitimate looking LinkedIn may not necessarily get you a job on its own, but it will certainly leave more of an impression than something that’s outdated and now irrelevant. Think: how do you want to look when someone Googles your name?

Get one
The first step is always the hardest one, but once you start, it will be easier to maintain.

linkedin in sign up

Keep it up to date
You don’t need to be updating your LinkedIn every day or scrolling through it like you do with other social media networks, but at the very least write a few lines whenever something new happens.

tess gm

Be professional
If you think of LinkedIn as a professional Facebook, it’s important to treat it as such and curate your profile accordingly.  
Have a decent photo. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a professional head shot, just make sure you look clean. Even better if you can have consistent branding across multiple social media platforms.


header lindsey


twitter header lindsey


It’s okay to brag
LinkedIn is the place where it’s okay to brag about yourself. It’s okay to say you’re really good at things. You can list your skills:

tess skills

…And include links to work you’re proud of:

lindsey pulications

evrim accomplishments

It’s okay to feel like silly
It’s okay if you don’t like LinkedIn that much. Nobody loves LinkedIn, it’s just a bit of necessary evil. If it makes you feel any better: everyone else feels silly about it too.

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