JULAI Brings The Heat


JULAI is at home on stage. His stage presence is powerful, his music bopping. The crowd love him. And he loves them, turning the microphone towards people in the front rows to sing the words to his catchy records.

I love the moment before artists sets where everyone can feel the energy brewing in the space and then comes that collective rush towards stage. JULAI isn’t holding back, and there’s no holding back from the crowd too. We’re all right there with him in the palm of his hands, clapping, singing, and dancing at all the right moments.

JULAI’s backup dancers match that and are bringing the heat along with him, wonderfully synchronised and making sure the energy doesn’t dip for one single moment – it’s electrifying. The crowd are loving it, lapping up JULAI’s every word.

The music is expressive in a very free flowing way. It reminds me of the importance of dance in society and the meaning of taking full control over our instruments, our bodies. It really is so important to feel freely in control, and the support that existed in that room was ever so reassuring that at a JULAI gig, that is indeed the case.

JULAI ends his set coming down from stage into the audience and performing right amougnst the crowd, the hype being built to a climax. The dazzling colours of light that have illuminated the stage throughout the show have only added to the immersive texture of the gig.

JULAI’s recent release ‘SUGAR AND SPICE’ is a rich, highly energetic, punchy record. Hitting you at a short 1:30 minutes, it doesn’t hold back and makes you desire to see the hot 808s live amougnst other fans. JULAI is indeed so stylish and brings that great fun we need more in music.

It gives you a perfect perspective into the energy present at a JULAI show, powered by the fuel of his community, who love him so much.


Julai X Bombon: Morphology took place on the 28th July 2023 from the hours of 9:00pm-2:00am at the Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne.