Labs Online: Podcasting

For our April Content Lab we focused on podcasting.

Unlike live radio or television, podcasting has always been seen as a less attractive medium at SYN. It’s often been considered an afterthought after a live radio show has been broadcast or something to do after volunteers have finished their two seasons on air.

However, in line with broader changes to the sound of SYN (read more about it here) and changes to how people are consuming content more broadly, it’s been decided that a greater focus needs to be given to making just podcasts.

The key take away message from this Content Lab was that “podcasting has the largest potential reach of all SYN stations.”

For this Content Lab were lucky to be joined by Claire Tonti, Founder & Creative Director of Planet Broadcasting, the podcasting network home to podcasts like The Weekly Planet, Do Go On, Aunty Donna & many more.

Watch the videos below to see what went down.

Claire Tonti (Planet Broadcasting):

Making a podcast at SYN (Lindsey):

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