LIVE REVIEW: Too Many Zooz

Too Many Zooz

Too Many Zooz at The Corner Hotel Sunday 18th February
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Words by Amy Marks & Edited by Elsie Bath

If you haven’t heard of Too Many Zooz you’ve probably seen them in  viral videos like this…

The trio consists of  Leo Pellegrino – more well-known by his stage name Leo P – on the Saxophone, Matt Doe on trumpet and David Parks on drums. These three know how to put on a show. They hit the stage at 9:40pm and the music did not stop until 10:15pm. Even then the silence was only for about 20 seconds.

But we’ll get back to these guys. First off I have to talk about the opening act, Lyall Moloney. I was unfortunately late to the gig and missed the first half of Moloney’s performance. While initially I was disappointed that I was so late, in hindsight, I’m actually kind of stoked. See, when I entered the back room of The Corner Hotel, I saw Moloney running around with his denim overalls hanging around his waist, covered in sweat and carrying his electric guitar. He wasn’t playing in that moment, so I immediately assumed what sort of an artist he was.

But when he began to play his next song he blew my mind. Moloney was using a live vocal manipulation software, electronic drums and a host of cool tricks, making his songs sound electronic yet acoustic. He had a great stage presence, even when the crowd wasn’t totally paying attention. Moloney was unapologetically himself, explaining the meaning behind all his songs. One in particular was inspired by Japanese animation studio, Studio Ghibli. With all this energy on stage it was awesome to see the crowd slowly warm up to him, eventually chanting ‘One more song! One more song!’ as he was being told his set was up.

After Moloney left the stage, the crowd suddenly seemed to swell as everyone made a beeline to the front, patiently waiting for Too Many Zooz to take the stage. When they did it was madness, as I mentioned before the group performed for 25 solid minutes before there was even a second of silence.

‘The group performed for 25 solid minutes before there was even a second of silence’

You could see the diversity of the crowd as the set went on. There were people who just wanted to jam to some epic music, people who had seen their viral videos and were there to get a snap for instagram, and lastly the musicians who freaked over the technical skills of these music masters.

Leo P seems to be the frontman of the trio, who I’ll honestly say seemed arrogant. From licking his saxophone to just showing off a touch too much, he knew he was the leader, but he also used that arrogance to draw the crowd in. Leo P had the kind of star power where he could get away with all of it and still make you want to watch more.

A strong theme throughout both acts for the night was individuality. All three performers from Too Many Zooz had their own style; Doe had this awesome casual street vibe and Parks wore space-explorer goggles while playing a set of drums and cowbells tied to his waist. While these two mainly stayed towards the back, while Leo P took centre stage, it was clear to all that they were the backbone of the group. Towards the end, just when I thought the crowd may not have appreciated Doe and Parks talent and hard-work, they both got the biggest cheer from the room, making the pair smile. 

‘Doe had this awesome casual street vibe and Parks wore space-explorer goggles while playing a set of drums and cowbells tied to his waist’

Everyone was just having a great time. Even if at times it was frustrating that the majority of the audience put their phones up to film. The trio mentioned how artists need to be supported at gigs and not just online through videos.

It was odd, but halfway through the gig I thought of long time SYNNer, Josh Martin, who once hosted a show called I’m Not From Here. Because Too Many Zooz aren’t from here either, they’re from another world where different styles of performers and music come together, uniting people along the way.

You don’t need to know about jazz, music, busking or even about Too Many Zooz to enjoy one of their gigs, you just need to have fun. That’s what the night was, it was fun. This gig was all about being yourself. It even ended on that note as the group played the famous horns line from the end of Looney Tunes: ‘That’s all folks!’