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Loud & Queer: a decades long “lesbian utopia” and an inquiry into hate crimes

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Listen to Liz describe the history of a “lesbian utopia” found at a long-running denuclearisation protest in Britain, which began in the 1980s and ended at the turn of the Century.

Laura/Bailey discusses the implications of the launch of a judicial inquiry into hate crimes against and disappearances of gay/queer people between the 1970s-2000s in NSW. 

Headed up with a very gay news whip and bookended with a sweet froth or not, this is an episode of L&Q not to be missed.  

*Note: This episode aired on Sunday, November 7 of 2021. Keep this in mind when listening to the news whip and other time-relevant aspects of the show. 


Laura Bailey and Liz Busch.

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