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Loud & Queer: trans people on social media and an update on that One Nation bill ft. a special guest

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It seems transgender people are still facing the impact of right wing populism in another week on the internet, but what does it mean for the community when trans celebrities start spouting the same divisive rhetoric? 

Also on the show, censorship of radical queer voices was underway when The Guardian US posted an interview with iconic academic Judith Butler, and One Nation is still on the warpath to attack the wellbeing of LGBTQIA+ kids. 

Listen to Laura, Sammy, Liz, and special guest Lucinda discuss these topics and more – including our impressions of The Matrix Resurrections teaser – on Loud & Queer.


Lucinda Walker.


Laura Green, Sammy Perryman, Liz Busch, Lucinda Walker.

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