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The Great Metal Standoff – Mob Rules vs Rising vs The Last In Line

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The team of Jason, Imran and local Melbourne bass player, Daniel Cesarini have reassembled for another deep dive into the legacy of Ronnie James Dio and have gone and made it all the more challenging. Tasking themselves in finding a winner between the second albums across three stages of his legendary career. Black Sabbath – Mob Rules vs Rainbow – Rising vs Dio – The Last In Line.
With it being our second three way battle in The Great Metal Standoff history, to hopefully split the vote, Imran roped in the guitar player from his own band ‘Flood’, Jack Lynch, to give a more level headed, moderate point of view, making an intriguing four person conversation.

Dio’s music rules! But which of these three ruled more?

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EDITOR’S NOTE: For reasons beyond our control, our guests audio is a bit messy. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Also let’s laugh at Jason for not knowing that The Last In Line was a Dio album. The silly goose.

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