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Musicology – Playlist – 13/11/16


Episode 16: Post-Rock

This weeks show is all about Post-Rock. A genre I didnt really not much about, besides being a fan of Slint.

(All the songs were in a different order. So the shows a bit askew)


  1. Veröld ný óg óð (English translation: A World, New and Crazed) - Sigur Rós
  2. Deathkamp Drone - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  3. Summer (Priority Version) - Mogwai
  4. Restless Waters - Tortoise
  5. Easy Company - Gastr del Sol
  6. Breadcrumb Trail - Slint
  7. I Know - Bark Psychosis
  8. New Clothes for the New World - Disco Inferno
  9. Empty Words - Bowery Electric
  10. Runeii - Talk Talk
  11. The Groop Play Chord X - Stereolab
  12. (hello) Cloud Mountain - Sleepmakeswaves

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