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Musicology – Playlist – 30/10/16


Episode 14: Australian Indigenous Country Music

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are advised that the following contains names of peoples who have since passed.

The brilliant book Buried Country by Clinton Walker was  a great source of information for this show. Well worth a read!


  1. The Land Where the Crow Flies Backwards - Dougie Young
  2. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down - Lionel Rose
  3. Brown Skin Baby - Bob Randall
  4. Baby Blue - Jimmy little
  5. Old Fitzroy - Harry Williams and the Country Outcasts
  6. The Resurrection - Bobby McLeod
  7. Arunta man's dream - Herb Laughton
  8. Old Aboriginal Stockman - Gus Williams
  9. Koori Rose - Roger Knox
  10. Dad Was a Truck Driving Man - Auriel Andrew
  11. Black Tracker - Col Hardy
  12. Pitjantjatjara Boy - Isaac Yamma
  13. Bringing Me to Tears - Adam James

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