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Part 4 of Nervous Nellies Rewind includes the ‘Nervous Nelly of the week’, ‘Nervous network’ and ‘Access spotlight’ segments from episodes 7-8 of the October-December 2021 radio season. Check below for a playlist with all songs referenced and a further listening playlist for each part!

Playlist 1: Songs referenced in NNR 2 Part 4

  1. David Grubbs – Third Salutation [Ep 7 Nervous Nelly of the week]
  2. Aki Tsuyuko – Aquilo [Ep 7 Nervous Network]
  3. Stereolab – Speck Voice [Ep 7 Access spotlight]
  4. Mice Parade – Eyes See Stars [Ep 8 Nervous Nelly of the week]
  5. Jan Jelinek – Morphing Leadgitarre Rückwärts [Ep 8 Nervous network]
  6. Squarepusher – Eviscerate Version [Ep 8 Access spotlight]

Playlist 2: NNR 2 Part 4 Further Listening

  1. David Grubbs – Ornamental Hermit [An example of Grubbs’ ‘traditional rock band’ composition, and the closest thing the album The Plain Where the Palace Stood has to a title track]
  2. Gastr del Sol – The Wrong Soundings [An example of the deconstructed rock compositions from Grubb’s old band that he brings over to his solo work]
  3. Mice Parade – One Road Led to Columbia [An example of Mice Parade’s early studio/live hybridisation, with this one being pieced together from recordings of live shows]
  4. Mice Parade – Open Air Dance [An example of an early non-loop based but still entirely solo Mice Parade track, using overdubs to record all parts]

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