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Obey Me Review

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Obey Me is a game where you play as Vanessa and Monty, The story is where Vanessa is taken advantage because of her powers and ability to absorb souls and to bond with Monty, The person that she works for sends her on errands to collect various items and kills certain creatures.

The game details were very great as they progressed throughout, Vanessa’s skills in the game were bought using soul shards which you collect while exploring the map. I preferred to not upgrade skills as every time I went into the skill tree, the game froze, and I would have to close and reopen the game which was very frustrating. Positives were the game was super fun to play because when playing as Vanessa, she’s fast and quick to kill the opponents whereas Monty was a bit slow and weaker. His skills weren’t available as you have to pay more soul shards to buy them and upgrade them.

Vanessa’s personality is sassy, strong-willed and sarcastic. Monty’s one is a smartass, annoying and fiery. There is a lot of foul mouth language. The game is in the art style of a cartoon game, having bright colors as you are doing boss fights and dark colors as you are travelling through levels.

The controls are very basic, just one button mashing for combat, when playing coop, the camera only focuses on Vanessa so the person playing as Monty gets lost on the screen.

The sounds in the game have eerie ambient music as you are moving through the levels, and then boss encounters have fast paced suspenseful music to suit the type of encounter.

The “Easy” mode made my experience difficult as I thought it would be easy, but it was not. The “Boss” fight wasn’t easy, it was hard where I kept on dying when I was about to beat him.
Overall, the game is super fun to play but don’t be surprised if the skill tree freezes.

Reviewed by Kate Cindric

Review Key provided by Blowfish Studios

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