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Flagships are our regular programs that run every week throughout the year. Some programs run five days a week, such as Get Cereal, four days a week like The Hoist, twice a week like The Sports Desk or just once a week like Raise The Platform.

Flagships operate with a volunteer Executive Producer/s who takes on the role for a year, and oversees their shows rotating teams of hosts.

All producers and presenters are volunteers aged between 12-26.

Get in touch with a specific EP or member of the Leadership Team here.

Fresh Air SYN

Fresh Air

Our newest, freshest volunteers work together in teams of 3-4 to create content for the entire hour as part of their final stage of induction. This allows them the opportunity to get their first radio broadcast under their belt as early as a week after signing up!
Housemates Sublet

Housemates: Sublet

Housemates is the rotating rental of electronic and dance music at SYN. In 2022, we've sublet the house to a rotating roster of hosts and amateur DJs/producers
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Loud and Queer

SYN's voice for queer youth and music. Broadcasting from sovereign Kulin Land Sundays from 3pm AEST.


Open the pit for some punk, hardcore, and metal!
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Player One

Player One is SYN's flagship gaming show covering all things LARP, ARGs, board, and of course - video games!

Graveyard Shift

SYNners taking over the airwaves from 2 – 6am. Listen in for eclectic raw, late night radio.
Get Cereal_SYN Website

Get Cereal

Good morning! Get Cereal is SYN's flagship breakfast radio show that features news, interviews, funny and thought-provoking conversations, and the best music to wake-up to.


Amplify is the underage sound of Naarm/Melbourne. It's SYN's strictly under-18s produced and presented show.
All The Best

All The Best

A weekly podcast and radio show with stories from emerging Australian storytellers. With a new theme each week, our producers use short form documentary, personal narrative, interviews, and fiction to tell their stories.
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Let's talk politics! Represent is SYN's political discussion program.

Raise The Platform

Raise The Platform is SYN's platform for young people to advocate for, and share experiences of people with disabilities.
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The Sports Desk

With all the latest sporting news and interviews, The Sports Desk is Melbourne/Naarm's finest community sports radio program.
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Schools on Air

SYN's most popular education program Schools On Air puts students in our studio to create their own live radio show.

Sunday Sweets

Sunday Sweets SYN’s feature music program, playing and pulling apart our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums of the week.
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SYN Hip-Hop

The home of Hip-Hop on SYN! Bringing you the best local, international, and old-school hip-hop.
Asian Pop Nation

Asian Pop Nation

SYN’s resident Asian music and culture show. Tune in for fun chats about music, anime, Asian dramas/films and more!
Art Smitten

Art Smitten

Art Smitten is SYN's weekly guide to arts, culture, and entertainment in Naarm/Melbourne and around the world.

New & Approved

SYN's international music flagship show, New & Approved is the home of fresh new music from around the world.
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What matters to youth, what matters to you. Panorama is SYN's flagship news and current affairs show, covering news, politics and culture.

The Hoist

Giving local music a lift! The Hoist is SYN's local music show bringing you 2 hours of the best new music from Naarm/Melbourne and across the country.
The Naughty Rude Show

The Naughty Rude Show

The Naughty Rude Show is talking about all things sexuality, gender, identity, relationships, and health.