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Some ideas for programs aren’t suited to a flagship program: they’re just too unique.

Seasonal programs allow volunteers to create a show about almost anything.

This give volunteers the opportunity to get really creative with their ideas and provides them with more autonomy to create a show that is uniquely theirs.

The Oz Pub Rock Show

Revisiting the Australian pub rock scene throughout the 70s-90s.

The Retirement Village

Produced by India Weaver and Rebecca Maakasa. The Retirement Village is a reflective space to look back on our time as volunteers, […]
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The Fan and The Fraud

Each week, cinephiles Max and Nick view and discuss a film that one host is a lifelong fan of and the other is only seeing for the first time.

Behind The Curtain

Get all the behind the curtain news on the Melbourne entertainment industry! Join Benjamin to dive into news, industry insights, and lots more

Time Bandits!

The audio time-capsule offering a description of the world as we experience it.
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Be The Change

We dare, lead, empower, combat, uprise, inspire, and take action for our future. You'll hear interviews with leaders, shakers and change makers from all over the world, who stand up for what they care about.
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Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

Join our host Lily Anna, now on the verge of adulthood as she reflects on her adolescence through the poems, lyrics and musings written throughout her younger years.
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Catching Up

From 2BOB Radio Taree as part of SYN's Hubs program.
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On A Note

From 2BOB Radio Taree as part of SYN's Hubs program, join Lucy as she strives to let good stories shine and let the good music play.

Primary Perspectives

From 3WBC & SBN via the Community Radio Network. Ground-breaking, award-winning children’s edutainment hosted entirely by young people from mid-primary to mid-secondary ages.
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Retro Rewind

From 2BOB Radio Taree, join your host Bailey each week as he spins some classic tunes from years gone by.
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The Nathan Moore Show

From 2BOB Radio in Taree as part of SYN's Hubs Program, The Nathan Moore Show spins all the classic hits from the '70s, '80s, and '90s.
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Hits Of The Past

From 2BOB Radio Taree as part of SYN's Hubs program, join Lucy and she spins her favourite tunes from way back when.