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Podcast- Sunday 29th June 2014


In this podcast, Cameron, Maddie and Lara kicked things off with another instalment of Queer News. Cameron had Maddie and Lara playing the Queer Quiz with Maddie playing for Nabila Petrucci from Get Cereal Tuesdays and Lara played for Claudia from Too Much Exposition as faced off in the Queer Youth on Air Queer Quiz. On a serious note, Maddie raised the point and discussed about HIV Awareness in the Queer community in particular queer youth with Cameron and Lara voicing their opinions. Cameron revealed a new social media campaign that the show will be running involving the Mr. Men and Little Miss. Finally, Cameron, Maddie and Lara finished the show off with a tribute to American novelist Nancy Garden who passed away with Maddy talking about a book of hers that she loves.


If you want more information about HIV or have any concerns go to the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre website at www.mshc.org.au.  








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