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Post-80s Babies: Episode 1 Playlist (Italo Disco Week)


Episode 1: Saturday October 12


Today’s episode was a celebration of everything Italo Disco. Hypnotic, spacey and saccharine, it was one of the earliest variants of electronic dance music which brought disco into the 80s by incorporating the sweet new sounds of drum machines and synthesisers.

Collaboration of the Week:

Dirty Talk – Klein & M.B.O (1982)

The end of each episode features an 80s-flavoured track from more modern times to bring us back to the present day. This week’s ‘Back to the Present’ Track is

Body – Aeroplane feat. Yves Paquet (2018)

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  1. Faces - Clio
  2. Eyes - Clio
  3. Dirty Talk - Klein & M.B.O
  4. Hollywood - Marion
  5. Do You Wanna - Modern Talking
  6. I Don't Wanna Lose - Lime
  7. Paninaro - Pet Shop Boys
  8. Body - Aeroplane feat. Yves Paquet
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